Hisense 382L Showcase Refrigerator FL-50FC

  • capacity: 382L
  • Refrigerant: R600 Gas
  • Beverage display cooler: Yes
  • Color: White
  • Retention capacity: 48 hrs
  • Supercooling
  • Transparent glass door

Hisense 382L Showcase FL-50FC in Kenya

The FL-50FC is an awesome choice for beverage display anywhere.

The Showcase refrigerator has a large storage space for beverage display as well as a transparent door that makes it easy to see through.

FL-50FC has an efficient cooling system that has a retention capacity of up to 48 hours. Additionally, the fridge comes with premium features such as a beverage display cooler, low noise, transparent door, and supercooling feature.

FL-50FC is environmentally friendly and works with R600 gas. Buy Hisense 382L Showcase FL-50FC online at best price in Kenya at Hisense Kenya

Hisense 382L Showcase FL-50FC price and specs in Kenya

Refrigerant R600 Gas
Transparent glass door Yes
Capacity 382L
Supercooling Yes
Retention capacity 48 hrs


Transparent Glass Door

The transparent glass door refrigerators are very convenient to use. The food products that are stored in the fridge can be stored in a way the brand name is visible to the customers.

The glass door is often made up of double glazed which makes the fridge very energy efficient.

The glass doors are very good for commercial use because they give a very good look to the shop, in addition, they are equipped with LED interior lights

Double layer glass door

The Fan

The fan helps provide more even cooling and also aids in the defrosting process





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