What is ULED TV

What is ULED TV

So what’s ULED then? Well unlike OLED it’s not actually a single technology. ULED, or Ultra LED, is the term Hisense uses for a collection of 20 different patents around four key areas: Ultra Wide Colour Gamut, Ultra Local Dimming, Ultra 4K Resolution, and Ultra Smooth Motion Rate. As the name suggests, this is an LED TV technology, but those propriety patents all work to enhance the viewing experience at home.

Colour in ULED TV

ULED TVs have a wide palette and are capable of reproducing a really broad array of colors for images that look brighter and more detailed. Without getting into the heavy terminology or too many numbers, the current industry requirements for the Ultra HD Premium standard require a TV to be able to display 90 percent of the colors defined by something called the DCI-P3 — the U7G ULED TV can display 99.98 percent.

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Quantum Dot Colour Technology

Hisense’s 2020 ULED models offer Quantum Dot Colour Technology, which delivers over a billion stunning shades of vivid colour and true-to-life image precision. Quantum Dots help accurately display reds, blues and greens with greater vibrancy ensuring they really pop! For the viewer, colours are not only more vivid and saturated but also cover a wider spectrum range – over a billion colours in fact – helping the cinematographer’s original settings to be reproduced with greater accuracy. How beautiful is that!


A suite of technology that enables seamless working between hardware and software.