• 180M³/HR Extraction Power
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Led Lamp
  • 3-Speed Operation
  • 60cm product size
  • 1x100W motor power
  • 1200mm vent size
  • push button control

Hisense HHO60PASS Cooking Extractor in Kenya

Navigating the features of the HHO60PASS is a seamless experience, thanks to its touch control panel. The responsive touch controls allow users to easily adjust extraction settings, switch between fan speeds, and activate the built-in LED lighting. The user-friendly interface ensures intuitive operation, putting control at your fingertips.

Integrated into the extractor is a sophisticated LED lighting system that serves a dual purpose. Beyond its practical function of illuminating the cooking area, the LED lights create a warm and inviting ambiance. Whether you’re preparing a quick breakfast or engaged in a culinary masterpiece, the well-lit environment enhances the overall cooking experience.

The primary function of any extractor is to effectively eliminate cooking odors and airborne particles. The HHO60PASS excels in this regard, boasting a powerful extraction system that swiftly and efficiently clears the air. The advanced technology ensures that even the most aromatic and flavorful dishes don’t leave a lasting imprint in your kitchen.

While delivering robust performance, the HHO60PASS does so with minimal noise disruption. The extractor is designed to operate quietly, ensuring that the tranquility of your kitchen remains undisturbed. This consideration for noise levels adds to the overall comfort of your culinary space, allowing you to focus on the joy of cooking.

The extractor provides installation flexibility, offering both recirculation and ducted options. In recirculation mode, air is purified through filters and released back into the kitchen, while ducted installation expels air outside. This adaptability allows users to choose the ventilation method that best suits their kitchen layout and preferences.

The HHO60PASS is designed with easy maintenance in mind. The smooth surfaces and removable filters simplify the cleaning process, ensuring that the extractor remains pristine and functions optimally. Regular maintenance not only enhances the longevity of the appliance but also contributes to sustained performance

In conclusion, the Hisense HHO60PASS Cooking Extractor is a harmonious blend of style and functionality, making a bold statement in modern kitchens. From its contemporary elegance and island-mounted brilliance to touch controls, LED lighting, and powerful extraction performance, this extractor elevates the kitchen environment. Buy Hisense HHO60PASS Cooking Extractor online at best price in Kenya at  Hisense Kenya 

Hisense HHO60PASS Cooking Extractor specs and price in Kenya

Product size 60cm
Speed levels 3 speeds
Motor 1 x 100w
Maximum Airflow 180 m3/h
Noise Level 56 dB
Control Type push button
Filter type 2pcs of alu. Filter
Venting size 120mm
Charcoal filter optional
Colour Finish
Stainless steel

Washable filters

Hisense HHO60PASS hoods incorporate washable grease filters making it easier for you to maintain your appliance for greater cleaning efficiency, and longer.


Energy-efficient illumination.

Illuminate your hob below with efficient LED lighting. These lights last thirty times longer than conventional light bulbs and save up to ten times as much power.



Keep your kitchen’s air clean while you cook without having to install ducts for extraction. This easy-to-install solution draws steam up through a filter, removing odors before recirculating clean air.


Remove all air impurities with Extraction.

Remove cooking odors from the kitchen completely. Extraction hoods efficiently draw up steam, trap vapors in a filter, then expel odors outside using ventilation, helping to keep the air inside really clean.




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