Hisense RQ-56WC4SB 454L PureFlat French Door Refrigerator

  • Capacity: 454L
  • Frost free
  • Water dispenser
  • A+Energy Class
  • Multi Airflow
  • 190W power rating
  • 3 start
  • 10 years warranty
  • 443 kWh/ per year energy consumption

Hisense RQ-56WC4SB 454L PureFlat French Door Refrigerator in Kenya

Open your world to luxury with the 454 litre Hisense 4-door refrigerator, a new level of sophistication added to the PureFlat collection range. The Stainless Steel door finish encapsulates true minimalist design, giving a luxurious look and consistent feel to any new or remodeled kitchen. Features include inverter technology, triple-zone, and non-plumbed water dispenser.

No more discovering Siberia when you open your freezer with ice build-up all over your produce. Frost technology removes the frost build-up.

Don’t compromise when it comes to storing different types of produce in your Hisense RQ-56WC4SB 454L Refrigerator. The ‘My Fresh Choice’ feature provides 3 settings that give you the flexibility to store your food at recommended temperatures.  You can choose to either deep freeze at -18C, medium freeze at -12C, or even light freeze at -5C.

Focusing on the modern kitchen concept, the modern flat door design and the 610mm depth of the fridge cabinet can be well integrated with your kitchen’s existing cabinets.

Strategically placed LED lighting brightens every corner of your refrigerator while reducing heat and energy output. Its space-saving design leaves more room for groceries. Buy Hisense RQ-56WC4SB 454L PureFlat French Door Refrigerator online at best price in Kenya at  Hisense Kenya

Hisense RQ-56WC4SB 454L PureFlat French Door Refrigerator specs and price in Kenya

capacity 454L
Energy Class A+
Multi Airflow Yes
Water dispenser Yes
Frost free Yes
Type Multi-Door
Temperature control Yes

Water Dispenser

This very convenient built-in dispenser produces a perfectly chilled for the whole family per day. Without opening the fridge, you can choose out of chilled water, whatever and whenever you want. A hassle-free way to get your cold drinks

Water dispenser

Metal Glide Drawers

All frozen items, even the largest ones, can now be reached easier and quicker, thanks to the durable metal easy-glide runners. The transparent design of the drawer, which can hold up to 27kg, offers a clear view of the content

Glide drawers


Precise Temp Control

The five highly effective digital temp sensors are built into the refrigerator to enable it optimally adjust the cooling level of the fridge

Glide drawers

Bigger Drawers

Hisense’s all-new refrigerator has 2 huge space drawers which have a height of 220mm. That is good for placing larger items such as turkey and meat joints.

Huge door

Super cool & super freezer

To rapidly cool down the weekly shopping. The SuperCool function quickly drops the internal fridge temperature to +2℃ for 6 hours. This is a great way to help keep the flavor, color, and nutritional value of fresh food.

Super Freeze rapidly lowers the temperature and freezes your food much faster than usual. This function retains the food’s natural taste, and original texture, as well as all the good vitamins and minerals.

Super cool

Height-Adjustable shelves on Hisense RQ-56WC4SB 454L

Enjoy flexibility with the fully adjustable shelves. If you want more space between the shelves.

Simply take one out and place it on a different shelf-holder. That way you can tailor the inside of the fridge, especially to your needs.

This way all the large bottles, mason jars, or tall cakes will fit perfectly inside the fridge.

Metal drawers

Premium Flat Door Design

Designed to meet even the most demanding users. Because of its premium appearance with flat door design, recessed handles, and high-quality materials, this fridge-freezer is a perfect fit for any modern kitchen.

Adjustable shelves



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